Red Nose Day

This year we raised money for Red Nose Day!

At BusinessHeads we like to support charities and local causes around Brighton. 
This year we thought it would be fun and worthwhile to get involved with the great causes supported by Red Nose Day. 
You can read all about the different fundraising we'll did below.

Giving up our favourite things for Red Nose Day

Each of us in the office gave up one of our favourite office luxuries for the week running up to Red Nose Day.
Our MD Carole vowed to give up her coffees for a week, and donate the difference to Red Nose Day, through doing this she raised an additional £20.

Painting the town red for Red Nose Day

To support Red Nose Day on Friday 24th, the BusinessHeads office painted the town red by wearing our brightest/most red attire!

Ever wondered which red nose character suits your Accountant best?

We thought you might have! 
That's why we did grand reveal videos online of us all opening and wearing our snazzy new noses.

Our offices are above Nationwide on West Street so we went down to their branch and bought some of their tasty cakes in their bake sale.

You can see our gallery of embarrassing photos below...

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